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when you play the game of whispers, you win or you die

A Song of Ice and Fire/Game Of Thrones discussion
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everything you need to know about us.

Welcome to thronewhispers, your discussion community for everything realted to the world of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and HBO's "Game of Thrones". In this community we are having weekly discussions for all the fans to participate, share their thoughts and theories. We are always happy to see new members! So if you decided to join us - be sure to fill out application before joining.

check this before starting you journey

o1. JOINING. For joining this community you have to fill out this application. In case you you join this community and don't apply then you will be rejected.
o2. MEMBERS ONLY. This means that all posts (except for wilcome/into) will be locked except this one and only members can see new posts.
o3. NEW POSTS POLICY. Right now we decided that only mods will be making new posts and discussions will be in comments. This decision was made to keep everything organized but this may change in future. Since community is new we added this rule and only mods will be making new posts right now.
o3. NO BASHING. Please, be polite and respectful to other people's opinions. Don't bash any characters, actors, books, lj members &etc. We all have favourites but it doesn't mean that we should bring down the ones we don't like.
o5. CONTACTING MODS. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or problems. We are always ready to help out and we'll be glad to see feedback from you.
o6. SPOILER POLICY. You can read all about it here

You can always ask us anything and get in touch on page-a-mod page. You can also contact us via PM.

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